Play The Lottery Learn To Win Easier

Ok you play the lottery to win and you know the odds are you will not win. You still play as the draw of easy money is very strong! Now instead of just playing as you usually do and never hitting any lottery winning numbers, think about if you had a better game play or strategy. This resulting in increased odds to win more often, would you do it?

Most people are very slow to catch on how to really win the lottery. Most simply continue to use the same playing strategy over and over. Real lottery experts and many two time lottery winners already know that if a certain lotto strategy is not working, than a serious change in playing strategy is definitely needed. which just makes sense and is wise to follow.

The strategy you need to change to, will depend on what lotto strategy is actually working for others. This we find out by real poll votes on lottery systems. There are different types of strategies designed to improve your chances to win the lottery easier. Some in fact work much better than others, you just need to view the poll results and see. The better choices you can use should always be applied.

We would recommend choosing one of the top three best systems and stick with it, do not just use off and on. Use for a period of time as in two to three months, then take a break for a while, then do it over again. For most lottery players the Lotto Guy Lottery system will be a good choice. The Smart Play Wheeling System is another very good system in which all can use, but really recommend all you newbies playing the lottery to start with a good wheeling system as this one. Here is where to find these two systems if interested:

The Lotto Guy System

Smart Play Lotto Wheels

Of course you are the person who needs to decide which system/strategy to use. Just make sure you stick with it and be patient, you will not win over night. Remember, lottery systems are just tools designed to help improve your odds to win the lottery easier. They are not magic and most certainly will not guarantee you will win. We all need to use a better strategy when it comes to playing the lottery, or when it comes to winning at gambling in general.

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Smart Lottery Winning Tips

There are smart lottery winning tips and there are useless lottery winning tips, only the smart lottery tips will help you win the lottery. Most lottery players are using strategy to help win the lottery that nine out of ten times will be of no benefit, it must be a sound legit proven strategy backed by real evidence to increase your odds to win. When it comes to playing the lottery to win, you simply cannot afford to fool around with nonsense lottery tips, it will only waste your time and your money as well.

Using lottery tips such as picking your lottery numbers according to your Horoscope sign will have no impact on increasing your winning success. Many people still think that the zodiac is the key to getting lottery winning numbers, yet the percentage of lottery winners who have won using this strategy is so low you cannot measure it. Even using another very common playing strategy as using lottery quick picks, has a better winning percentage than using ones Horoscope lottery numbers and believe me using lottery quick picks is a very poor winning strategy.

So what lottery winning tips are the smart way to play the lottery? The first lottery tip is to actually play more lottery tickets, the more tickets played, the better your chances to win. The next tip would be to try and play the lotto game that has the best odds to win the jackpot. People do not realize that every lottery game has different odds to win the big jackpot, so it makes logical sense to play the lotto games that have a better chance to win right from the start if possible. The next lottery winning tips is the most important tip of all lottery tips. You need to use a proven winning lotto strategy as in the form of a true lottery system. The system must be a true legit real winning system, or it will be of little value to use. You can find the best winning lottery systems to use at top rated review site Lottery Systems Reviews. They take in real user reviews on many lottery systems and report it back to you. There is even actual latest best winning lottery system poll results you can view to see exactly what lottery systems others voted for as best winning systems that worked for them.

Your Smart Lottery winning Tips to follow are:

  1. Play more lottery tickets, the more tickets played the better your chances are to win.
  2. Play the lottery game that has the best odds to win the jackpot
  3. Use a winning strategy as in a lottery system that is recognized as being a top winning system such as the Lotto Guy Lottery System. This system is your best lottery win rate boosting strategy, there simply is no other logical system that works better, it is the smart path to take to win the lottery.

Just follow these three simple easy steps and you will most definitely be on your way to increase your chances greatly to hit lottery winnings more frequently and also to really increase your chances to hit the big lotto jackpot! You have nothing to lose only future gains.


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Lotto Winning Strategies

How To Pick Lottery Numbers To Win The Lottery Easier

To win the lottery you first must learn how to pick lottery numbers in a smarter fashion, which will help you win easier. Trying to win the lottery by using those good old lottery quick picks is fast, but in reality, this method of picking your lottery numbers is by far the worst. Lottery quick picks are just that quick and easy like fast food, but as we all know, quick and easy usually is the worst way to do things especially when it comes to picking lottery numbers to play. Other poor methods for picking your lottery numbers include using your horoscope numbers, or your lucky numbers, or just random lottery numbers. These methods all give you very poor odds at increasing your win rates, you simply must pick your lottery numbers using a smarter method, than winning success will come easier.

So if these old school methods for picking your lottery numbers are not going to help you increase your odds, then what is to be used that will actually help us win the lottery easier? The answer is “strategy” and in this case picking your lottery numbers with the use of strategy means, you need to use a good lottery system that is designed to help you pick lottery numbers in a more logical way to boost odds to win much easier. Now the question is which type of strategy or lottery system should you be using as with all things, some will obviously not be as good as others. We can advise right off the bat to stay clear of lottery software systems, as these are extremely common and have been tested over and over giving very poor results, not much better than lottery quick picks and the sad part is they are just giving you hot and cold lottery numbers straight off of main lottery game sites, which is totally free for anyone to do, no need to buy these type of systems. The better systems to use are your formula type systems or your wheeling type systems. These types of lottery systems are the ones that will increase your winning success for real.

Now as far as which formula type system we would recommend, that is a no brainer as there is only one that has shown to really increase your chances to win the lottery easier, it is the Lotto Guy Lottery System and this system actually won best winning lottery system by poll votes over many other systems. You can view the actual poll results for yourself below to see the proof, polls do not lie.

Of course you can choose to use any lottery system you wish to, using any system will be better than no system at all and that is a fact. We have put some links below to other articles that will back up what we are saying and they will show you which systems are the best to use.

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Lotto Guy Lottery System Formula Works

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Win The Lottery Easier Using Logical Strategies

The lottery is a game of chance and to Win The Lottery easier you will need to use some form of logical strategy. As with any form of gambling, and yes, the lottery is gambling, the real winners know that using a strategy is going to improve their chances to win a little easier. Now with playing the lottery, the main strategy to improve your odds or chances to win is by using a lottery system. Lottery systems are designed to improve your odds to win, buy they in no way can guarantee that you will win. Some people who use lottery systems think that if they did not win with-in so many draws, that the system is not working, this is totally in correct, systems take time and are meant to be used in the long run.

You are the only one that can change or improve your way of playing the lottery. Do nothing and play the lottery as usual and your results will basically stay the same. Make a change to using a smarter more logical strategy and most lottery players will see much better success rates. This is just basic common sense and all real lottery experts will recommend some form of strategy to better your odds, this is just fact. If you are just routinely playing lottery quick picks or using your own random lottery numbers and never seem to win much if anything, then you are definitely wasting your time and money. You need to use a good logical lottery system and the time to switch over is now, not later on.

Most lottery systems will be in a software format, however these are generally not the best systems to use, they are just the most popular as you press a button and they give you your lottery numbers to play. Did you ever think about where those numbers come from? Well, you are in for a good learning lesson that most people do not know. Lottery software system either give you just random lottery numbers, same as you could do yourself, or they give you hot and cold numbers from past drawn lottery results, but those numbers are taken from whichever main lottery game from the past drawn numbers results section. This is all free for anyone to go to and obtain these same numbers, so essentially you are paying for something that is totally free. The better lottery systems will not be in software format, there is no need and the system will be either a lottery wheeling system or a formula type system. There are only a few real good logical strategies/systems, you need to choose wisely the first time around and then stay with it, do not keep switching systems, stay with one system and focus all into winning with that system.

To assist you in finding a logical real winning lottery system that will give the best results possible, we have put a few links below that will show you which lottery systems are the better ones to use and apply for the best possible results for Winning The Lottery, the rest is up to you!

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How To Win Lotto Much Easier Using New Strategy!

Latest lotto news reveals how to Win Lotto Much Easier Using New Strategy. How to play the lotto effectively to win, is a question we are asked weekly by lottery players looking for realistic ways to win the lottery. Only a few years back I was looking for the answers to these same questions and Yes, I lost thousands of dollars playing lotto, until I found much better strategies on how to play the lottery and win! Seriously there are ONLY 2 ways you can play the lottery:

  1. You can play the lottery to win real money and this does require you to believe you can win by playing consistently and by using a legitimate proven winning strategy.
  2. You can play lottery to lose your money like a losing gambler, all you need to do is just rely on pure luck or just play lotto quick pick lottery tickets and hope for the best.

How to Win Lotto Much Easier Using New Strategy is a serious guide for those of you who actually want to play lotto and win lotto frequently. By winning the lottery or hitting winning lottery numbers combinations, I do not mean you will win lotto jackpots all the time. What I am saying is you will win a few hundred, or a few thousand dollars on a weekly or monthly basis, which is very realistic and has been proven to work. You will of course also have a much better chance of hitting the lottery jackpot, each and every lottery game draw.
We all know the main reason for winning the lottery is for true financial freedom, or items as a new home, or traveling around the world, or just to insure a secure future for your whole family. Whatever your reason is to win the lottery, first you must learn how to play the lottery correctly to win right! There are many types of lottery systems and the truth is, most are junk and should be avoided as they simply feed you nonsense to get your money, they Do Not Win Lotteries!
I now know many successful lottery players, most of them earn around $50,000 – $100,000 playing the lottery yearly. They all seem to recommend and use the same strategies for playing and winning the lottery, this is the key factor why they win. There are really no magic bullets, or secret systems, only lotto strategies that work and lotto strategies that do not work!

  • Stop wasting your time on silly hyped-up nonsense systems, giving false promises, or stupid unrealistic win rates. Even stating a guaranteed refund for gambling products is a sign of a false system, so don’t fall for it.
  • Get yourself a real tested and proven lottery system. You need to use systems that work for real. You can use the same ones many successful lottery players are using for real lottery winning results and these are the exact same systems real lottery winners are using and highly recommending to use. The systems recommended to use are: Lotto Guy Lottery System and Smart Play Lotto Wheels. Both of these systems work very well separately, but the new latest lotto winning strategy to win the lotto much easier, is to use these two powerful systems together! The main system to start with to get your lotto numbers to play is, the Lotto Guy Lottery System, then use those lines of lotto numbers along with the Smart Play Lotto Wheels System while also playing them separately. This costs a little more, but the winning results can be explosive! This new winning strategy is the Best In The World! Of course you could just pick one of these systems and it will definitely help you win easier.

I want you to take a look at the latest best winning lotto system poll results chart. See which top 2 systems prevailed? The Lotto Guy System with 67% of the votes as best winning lottery system, then we have Smart Play Lotto wheels with 22% of the winning votes for second place. Both systems are completely different types of verified winning systems. Both systems if you choose can be easily combined to increase your lotto odds to win even further, playing big lotto games like Powerball or Mega Millions which are very popular lottery games. This is very unique lottery playing strategy that seriously works!

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Official 2013 Best Winning Lotto system Results!

Official Poll – Best Winning Lotto System Results!

After choosing your systems, study them well so you know how to use them. That is all that is necessary to increase your chances to beat the lotto! You now know how the real lottery winners win over and over again, it’s all in the lotto strategy used, that’s the real key to successfully winning the lottery!

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How To Pick Winning Lottery Numbers

We all want to lean how to pick winning lottery numbers, we will reveal what really works and what does not work. I will start by telling you straight out, most lottery strategies, lottery systems and lottery tips, simply do not work very well. For example, many people believe that by just using self picked random lottery numbers, their chances to win the lottery are as good as it gets. Sorry to inform you, but using random lottery numbers to try and win the lottery will get you nothing but a basket full of losing lottery tickets.

_lottery-strategies Lottery tickets cost you money, use the best possible strategy to increase your odds to win the lottery more frequently.

Lets move on to the next very common strategy, many people again think is the best way how to pick winning lottery numbers. The lucky lottery quick picks, seems like a good reasonable way to increase your chances to win lotto, again sorry to inform you, playing lottery quick picks, do not increase your odds to win very much, they are in fact basically the same as playing random lottery numbers.

Next in line for winning lottery strategies is using hot and cold lottery numbers, also called past drawn lotto numbers. Many people actually buy this strategy as a lottery system, usually claiming will boost your win rates as high as 50%, 76%, 96%, 98%, even seen some claim 100% win rates. Here is the real honest truth about these types of systems. For one, it really is not a system, just data that you generally should use in real systems. Also, these whopping sky high win rates are nothing pure lies for selling tactics, you will on average only increase you win rates with this strategy by 2% tops. This is only a slightly better strategy than using your own self picked numbers or lottery quick picks and here the real secret about this strategy, it’s all free online at lottery statistic websites, the same place the system (usually a software system) feed the information to you for a cost.

The best types of real winning systems will never claim to give huge win rates, as that would be a false hood and a big red flag telling you it will most likely be a useless system. Also why would a real winning lottery system be sold through places that have bad reputations and or affiliates that can promote and sell it for commissions. Real winning lottery systems will not bother with this style of selling, just systems that are fake, or made up by sneaky marketers do this sort of thing. Oh the system will sound great, even to great and once again just all selling tactics or hype to grab your attention and your money. These types of system do not win lottery games, they make their money by sales only!

What about lottery syndicates? Sounds like a good way to increase your chances to win lotto right? Yes, a syndicate could help you win, but as seen many times over and over with syndicates, they seem to pay you the small winning ok, but the larger winnings are hard to get from them, as they do not want to release it, as it is in their hands. Many syndicates are found out later as frauds, so very hard to trust. We feel it’s much better if you play your own lottery tickets as you are in control if you win and you do not have to share your winnings with many others as in a syndicate.

The fact is, you do need a lottery system or lotto strategy that has been proven by real lottery winners to increase your odds to win, accept no others! So the next step is to find a real winning lottery system and just forget about testimonials, these are as commonly faked as it gets. What we have here as sold proof of real winning lottery systems is an official best winning lottery system poll vote results. You simply cannot fake a poll it a code and gives you a real evaluation on what systems people are using and winning with.

Official 2013 Best Winning Lotto system Results!

Official Best Winning Lotto system Results!

What you want to use is the top voted on systems, this is how to pick winning lottery numbers, by systems real lottery winners recommend and not by false testimonials, or false hyped-up advertising.

Top ranked winning system Lotto Guy Lottery System

Second place winning system Smart Play Lotto Wheels

Then of course you have your third place winner Smart Luck if need or wanting another system to try or add. Just pick a system and stick with it. No system is going to make you win immediately, it takes a bit of time. Systems or strategies are only really a tool to increase your odds, not to guarantee you will win the lottery. Any system that states will give very high win rates or guarantees you will win, is pulling your leg all the way to the bank.

Lotto Guy Lottery System Proven Winning Formula

Lotto Guy Lottery System Hot Winning Formula

Win The Lottery Winning Lottery Wheels

How To Really Pick Winning Lottery Numbers

If you want to Win The Lottery, you need to learn how to pick Winning Lottery Numbers. There are no magic potions to help you win the lottery, it’s either pure luck, by using strategy, or a combination of the two. Most all lottery players rely on good old fashion luck, hence why those particular lottery players rarely win. Using strategy to pick your lottery numbers is the more logical, much smarter method that absolutely will increase your success rate.

So what type of strategy is needed to hit winning lottery numbers easier? The strategy is basically called a lottery system and is the only tool designed to do that particular job, nothing else will work better. Now of course there are various types of lottery systems, some will work much better than others. The most common type of lottery system is a lottery software type system and is basically just going to give you hot and cold numbers from past lottery draws. While this type of system was fine ten years ago, it is no longer a worthwhile system to use as the data is all free. When we say the data is all free, we mean those types of systems are giving you your numbers to play but, those numbers are taken right off lottery statistic websites which are all free for anyone to get the exact same information. So lottery software systems are basically a dime a dozen, they do not help you increase your win rates by much and are simply for entertainment purposes. Most people fall for these types system first, then realize they are of little value.

To pick winning lottery numbers you want to avoid systems that just give you your numbers, these types of systems are basically gimmicks and will not help you win any better than just using random lottery numbers. You need to use more serious strategy if you really want better winning success. You need lottery systems that are designed to give you the best results and these types of systems are what real lottery experts use to increase their winning success. You will have your best chances to win the lottery, or hit the lotto jackpot easier using a real sensible proven winning strategy. Lottery wheeling systems are a very good strategy as long as it’s a well designed pattern/system and is in basic format (non -software) you must put in your numbers into the wheels (never trust a software system that just gives you your numbers). These types of systems are great even for you first time lottery system users and they work very well. If interested in this type of system we recommend Smart Play Lotto Wheels as their wheels have real proven winning success and are also easy to use (good system even for new lottery players).

There are other types of strategy that work in a much different manner than lottery wheels and are known to give very good success rates, yet can be used along with a lottery wheeling system. The very highly recommended Lotto Guy Lottery System is definitely one of these types of systems. This particular type of system will seriously boost your odds to win the lottery if it’s a big lottery game (pick 5, pick 6, or a pick 7) game. Of course you can try any lottery system you desire to use, we just recommend the ones that are for real proven winning systems. Starting with a good system the first time around, this will obviously save you time and money, as you would have to try many systems before finding the ones that work best to really improve your winning success.

Lottery System poll results do not pull your leg like silly false testimonials. Polls show you real proof as to which systems real users voted on as did best for them (see poll below). Using a good system is the only way to help hit those winning lottery numbers easier, it’s just fact! Remember this! No lottery system or lotto strategy can guarantee that you will win, systems are simply the proper tools to help you win easier they are not magic, but they will help you hit those winning lottery numbers better than anything else.

Good Winning lottery systems to review:

Smart Play Lotto Wheels Effective System

Lotto Guy Lottery System Formula Works

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Powerball – How To Play To Win

Win Lottery Easier Using Common Sense

To win lottery easier do not follow the usual playing methods, use common sense and play smarter. As with most people who play the lottery, they do not want to put in much effort, yet want to win the lottery. As with anything else, the more you put in is how much you usually get out of the deal. Simply buying a few lottery tickets weekly is not going to cut it, you need to play smarter and use common sense. Common sense tells us that in order to win lottery easier, we much improve our odds to win.

The most beneficial and common sense method to play the lottery to win easier is to use a strategy, or what we call a lottery system. They is no better way at improving your odds to win lottery easier than using a well proven and well tested lottery system. If you do not agree, go ahead and do a test for yourself. Use your regular lottery quick picks for 6 months, then use a good lottery system for 6 months, see which method gives you more wins. Every person who has done this test finds out the truth, using a lottery system wins much more as it improves your chances to win, just fact!

If you are ready to start play the lottery using common sense, then it’s time to pick out a good lottery system and just stick with it and focus on playing one lotto game at a time. We could just tell you right now the system or systems we highly recommend you to use, but that would be just our opinion right? So it is better if we show you real proof of which lottery systems real users voted on that actually gave them the best winning success, then all you need to do is use one of them. Polls tell you the truth, there is no tricking you as in using false testimonials, which by the way many lottery systems do to make their system look good, but in reality they are the worst to use for winning any lottery game.

This poll is seriously helpful as it shows real the lottery systems users actually had good success using and poor success using. Post this article on your facebook or other so you can show people the real truth of what they need to use to better their chances at winning the lottery easier and more often.

We do recommend using either one of the top winning systems Lotto Guy Lottery System and Smart Play Lotto Wheels System. Both will definitely help improve your winning success and is the smart way to win lottery easier.


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How To Win The Lottery Secrets

How to win the lottery secrets is going to reveal winning lottery tips and strategies that real lottery winners used to win the lottery. Are you a person who plays the lottery yet seems to never win a single lottery draw? You are not alone as there are literally thousands if not millions of people in the same boat. They think they have the luck to win the lottery, which is good, but luck is only a small part of actually winning the lottery, this is revealed by the many true lottery winners, who have figured out what it really takes to be a lottery winner.

We began our research into this area by researching lottery winners all over the world. Let me tell you this takes months of serious research, must dig back many years to find the information needed. It has all paid off as we found the secrets that many lottery winners have in common. I can tell you these lottery tips are for real and you definitely should apply them.

  • Always play as many lottery tickets as you can afford. The more lottery tickets the better your odds are to win.
  • Always use a good winning lottery system. The key to best over-all increased lottery winnings is the strategy you use. The better the strategy or lottery system, the better your success will generally be.
  • When using a lottery system or what we call strategy, avoid the very common past drawn lottery numbers systems, which all come in a software format. These types of systems are made to sound great, but in reality they hardly ever give you better than a two percent increased win rate, just slightly better than using random lottery numbers.
  • When playing a particular lottery game, stick with that game only and play consistently, meaning play every draw. Most lottery winners follow this practice and recommend it for best success.

Most people loose big time playing the lottery, yet they never sit back and think about how they can improve their chances to win. If more people actually thought about changing their lottery playing strategy and started to use a lottery system and used some simple lottery tips, winnings would come much easier. You do realize lottery systems are just basically a special designed tool to help improve your odds to win more frequently. You could pound in a nail into a piece of wood with your fist, but if you use a better tool like a hammer, it would work much better correct? The hammer in this case is your lottery system, it really is a smarter way to help win the lottery.

These lottery winning tips are basic recommendations from a large percentage of real life lottery winners worldwide. To locate the best winning lottery systems or strategies you should be using, you can find them on top reputable sites as Lottery Systems Reviews.


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Lottery Winning System For Success!

It’s true most people have lottery winning fever, trying anything to win the lottery and live the dream. The sad part is only a very small percentage of lottery players will ever win the big lotto jackpot prize or even medium cash prize lottery winnings. The real key to improving your chances to win any lottery game, is in the strategy you use. We have look into and researched many lotto strategies, some good, most are very poor at best at winning the lottery.

What if I told you there are real proven winning systems that will definitely improve your chances to win the lottery, would you use them or just continue with your own strategy now? We are asked all the time if we know of real winning lottery systems, as people are getting confused with all the silly hyped-up systems that never seem to win anything. Here is our recommendation as to which system to use and why. Lottery wheeling systems are great for winning lottery games, but the system must be the real deal, meaning well designed tested and proven. The best winning lottery wheeling system in the world for Pick 5 and Pick 6 lottery games is Smart Play Lotto Wheeling system and this proven winning system can seriously improve your chances to win any pick 5 or pick 6 lotto game in the world. This superior system is not like 90% of other so-called winning systems it is Verified Tested and Proven for real winning success and as an added bonus is very easy to use. Hitting frequent 3, 4, and even 5 lottery number winners is much easier and this same system won second best winning system in the world by poll votes which you cannot cheat, so it’s the real truth revealed.

There are a few other great winning systems, but this system raises your win rates effectively and is very fast an easy to use, which most people will love. Smart Play is known for having the best winning track record for Powerball Lottery and Mega Millions, and has excellent winning success for many other lottery games as well like California Lottery, Texas Lotto, UK Lotto, Colorado Lottery, Kansas Lottery, Ohio Lottery, Cash Pot, Florida Lottery, South African Lottery plus many more!

You need to change the way you play if you are not having good winning success and the smart plan of action is to use a system or lotto strategy, that real lottery winners use and highly recommend to win lotto games! You wanted real lottery winning system for success! We researched and delivered you the insider lottery winning system that many highly recommend, the next step is up to you!

Play Lotto To Win!!

Play Lotto To Win!!

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