Lottery Circle Software Is It For Real?

Lottery Circle software is it for real winning system, well yes and no, but mostly NO! The Lottery Circle System is created by Ace Lee, a self proclaimed lottery expert, but in reality is nothing more than a common marketer trying to sell any product he can to you! This Lottery Circle Software Ace Lee says will improve your win rates by a whopping 96 percent is absolutely nothing special, jut your average type past drawn lotto numbers lotto software. All this system does is give you common lotto number prediction as your Hot lotto numbers and your Cold lotto numbers, all which can be gotten free online at a lotto statistic website for your lotto game, so really, no need to pay for it.

One thing we are not pleased with is Ace Lee seriously misleads people by claiming his Lottery Circle System will give then a 96 percent win rate, that is crap! The very most this lottery software system will give you is about a 2 percent win rate and has been tested and proven many times over to obtain this percentage. All of what Ace Lee sells you is absolutely old school stuff and all free on the web for all lottery games, lottery expert I Think Not!

Ace Lee also states that we should all listen to him as he is a real lottery expert, why?because he worked in a convenience store and talked to a few lottery winners, oh big deal! Then he discovered a secret lotto system he could sell to help others to help them win the lotto. All he discovered was free lottery game statistics and put it into a software program to sell to unsuspecting people who are eager to win the lottery.

Will Ace Lee’s system help you win the lottery? Yes possibly, but only to a very small degree, not much more than play random lottery numbers. These types of so called systems are not really systems just information to be used with real lottery systems.

I have read many posts and comments on forums, blogs, articles, review sites of real users of this Lottery Circle System and all say do not waste your money as wins nothing and all can be gotten for free on the Internet. What happened to the 96% win accuracy Ace Lee claims? Of course that is pure hype or shady marketing lies, so do not be lured in or fooled by his catchy false sales pitches.

Ace Lee also shows us a newspaper photo of his lotto systems being featured, says store clerk gives free lottery tips. There is nothing at all about any lottery system he sells in the article and he posts it blurry so you cannot read it, another sneaky marketing trick to make you think, just because a small article he sent in made it into the paper, makes him a lottery winner or lotto expert, NO still just a store clerk selling lottery tickets.

Ace Lee Store Clerk Offers Some Lotto Tips

Ace Lee Store Clerk Offers Some Lotto Tips

Lets compare the latest 2013 voted number one winning lotto system by a real lottery system poll. The Lotto Guy Lottery System against the Lottery Circle System that claims a way higher win rate and Ace Lee says is the number one winning system. Look at the screen shot below, the Lotto Guy system won taking 67% of the winning system votes as best winning system out of 21 top lotto systems worldwide and even won last years best winning lotto system poll out of 15 top systems. Ace Lee’s Lottery Circle did not fair well at all! There is your rock solid proof of which system or systems are winning lottery games. (Click Photo To Enlarge)

Official 2013 Best Winning Lotto system Results

Official Best Winning Lotto system Results

Do you want to use a lottery system created by a store clerk or a real lottery system created by real techs with a real lotto winning track record as Lotto Guy Lottery System? The choice is up to you! The Lottery Circle Software is it for real? NO, but you can still use it with other legit lotto systems if you already have a subscription. Speaking of lottery systems with subscriptions, I want to point out that the only reason a system would have a subscription is, it wins nothing and is only used as a source of income such as the case with the Lottery Circle System.

OK schools out, let’s go win the lottery now that we know which systems are really working!


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