Lottery Audit Software Review Good Or Bad

Is the Lottery Audit software system a good or bad lottery program to use? Many people are asking this question and we will give you the truth about this lottery software system. The truth is, all lottery software systems are basically the same, they will give you about the same win rates as most all get there data from the same free sources online, so really the Lottery Audit software system is just selling you free lotto data as past winning numbers and over-due lotto numbers.

Lottery Audit Software is a lottery subscription service for online lottery analysis software. It offers a variety of analysis methods, all via an web based software and joining a subscription service is not recommended as people report getting billed over and over again after there subscription runs out. This has been reported by lottery system review sites and they also warn you that there are no real winners they can find who have won using this lotto software. The Lottery Audit website used to claim the system will give you a whopping 353% increased win rate, now taken off as the system really can only realistically give you about a 2% win rate or so, caught in false advertising. Remember all the data this lotto software system supplies to you is free for all at lottery statistic websites, so not really even a lottery system, just information that can be used with a real lottery systems.

Look at the latest best winning lottery system poll results, the Lottery Audit system only received a very small 2% of the votes, this is the best Lottery Audit Software Review as shows the real truth. If the system was really as good as it claims there would be many more winners who used and voted for the system. We suspect only the creators of the system which are just marketers may have voted on their own system. See official poll results below ( click to enlarge).

Official 2013 Best Winning Lotto system Results!

Official Best Winning Lotto system Results!

As you can see by the poll results the Lottery Audit software system placed very poorly indeed. To buy a subscription to this lottery Audit is not cheap and only works about as good as picking your own random lottery numbers.

We also tested the Lottery Audit system for 45 days to to verify the system if it really works, or does not work as good as claimed. They gave us a 30 day trial after which we bought a 3 month membership. After the 3 months of using the system the best we could do is 3 three lottery numbers winners. This cost us $240 to play the full three months and only won back $30 so really the system worked very poorly, we absolutely do not recommend this lottery software, it’s nonsense and full of hype, no found real winners! Also do not be fooled about the 60 day guaranteed refund, you will most likely never receive it. When you ask for a refund as many report, ClickBank tells you to get the refund from the seller, well good luck with that. Not long after this review Lottery Audit was banned from selling through clickbank.

As you see by the official lottery poll results the Lottery Audit system is ranked very low as it does not work as advertised. The best winning system in the world is the Lotto Guy Lottery System, which also won last years best winning system. This makes sense as this excellent real verified system is not developed by marketers, but real lotto experts and techs, it is a very unique highly recommended system. The next best winning true lottery system is Smart Play Lotto Wheels. This system is a favorite of many who use it as it is very easy to use and highly effective at hitting winning lotto number combinations.

You now know the real truth about the Lottery Audit Software this is a real Lottery Audit Software Review we tell you the truth what it can or cannot do for you. To win the lottery you MUST only use real winning lotto systems if you are to receive real lotto winning success! The choice is really up to you!

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