Lottery Method Review Good Or Bad?

Are you playing pick 3, 4, 5 or 6 lotto games weekly and are looking for a good system as Lottery Method by Ace Lee? Have you been throwing your money away playing the lottery for many years by playing lotto blindly using only random numbers in the hope that you’ll finally get lucky and win for a change – but you never do? Are you selecting numbers that you think are going to win lotto, as birthdays or so called “lucky numbers” only to waste your money over and over again?

Ace Lee says his Lottery Method system will inform you on better ways to use the right patterns to increase the odds to win. The Lottery Method e-book is supposed to give you the correct strategies to use for killing and understanding the pick 4 lotto game. also Some dirty secrets that are used successfully by many lotto winners. This over 80 page e-book is offered along with Ace Lee’s Lottery Circle which Ace Lee says is one of the best lottery software. This software comes as a free trial along with the Lottery Method e-book. The Lottery Circle can be used effectively to analyze all the lottery issues and provide hot numbers that have a better chance of winning and cold numbers.

Ace Lee says his Lottery Method system or e-book is the insider tips for making seemingly unpredictable lotto games very “predictable!” Now for the Real Truth about Ace Lee’s Lottery Method. Yes, you get a 80 page e-book with lottery playing strategies for pick 3, 4, 5, 6 but when browsing the e-book we find nothing special, nothing new, all same material/strategies found easily for free online. We see this is where Ace Lee is getting all of his lottery information, just putting it into an e-book form and sells it to you using lots of hype to make it sound great! This would all be fine except the material or lottery strategies in the e-book are very common and have been tested over and over again over many years and are proven to be of little value for winning the lottery.

Ace Lee claims to be a lottery expert and has two basic lottery systems he sells, the Lottery Circle Software System and Lottery Method e-book. We can tell you Ace Lee is no lottery expert, marketer yes! Lottery expert No! As a matter of fact Ace Lee’s lottery systems as Lottery Circle and Lottery Method, are now being reported by all lottery system review sites as very poor hyped-up virtually useless systems, with added complaints by users stating guaranteed full refunds are not being given, that is the big marketer trick of late, lying to sell! How can a lottery systems such as Lottery Method or Lottery Circle give a guaranteed refund, everyone will ask for the refund and Ace Lee and affiliates selling the systems will make no money as these systems do not win lottery games, it’s just a shady business.

I am going to show you real solid proof, of which lottery systems are being used by real lottery winners. The first best winning lottery system official poll results was a few years back and In the 2012 poll Ace Lee’s Lottery Method was entered and received No Votes! No real lottery winners used this system and won the lottery. As I explained earlier, all material in this 80 page Lottery Method e-book is free online and free for a good reason, it is not worth using, wins nothing!


Now we have the latest updated best winning lottery system official poll results. Ace Lee’s Lottery Method was not even entered, but his Lottery Circle System was, as Ace Lee keeps claiming his Lottery Circle Software System is the #1 winning lottery system. Take a look at the poll results below (Click To Enlarge) and you will see Ace Lee Lottery Circle did not fair well at all, meaning their were no winners at all, who used and won lotto with this poor system.

Official 2013 Best Winning Lotto system Results!

Official 2013 Best Winning Lotto system Results!

As you can see in both the 2012 and the latest 2013 best winning lottery system polls, Ace Lee’s systems are not what he claims they are, if they actually won lotteries there would have been many winners voting for them as they won lotto using them, but the proof directly shows his systems are just marketing gimmicks. Never trust so called good reviews on Ace Lee’s systems, all are written by Ace Lee himself or affiliates promoting the system to get sales commissions.

The real winning lottery systems as the Lotto Guy Lottery System and the newest top winning lottery wheeling system, Smart Play Lotto Wheels are in fact the systems that real lottery winners are using and highly recommending. Both lottery systems are not created and sold by silly marketers, but real lottery experts, that’s why they actually work!

If you already have the Lottery Method system I cannot help you, as you got suckered by Ace Lee as many others also have been, just stay clear of all the silly systems, use ONLY the real winning lotto systems and real lottery winning success will come your way much easier!

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