Silver Lotto System Is It For Real?

Ken Silver is selling his Silver Lotto System strategy claiming a very high 96 percent win rate, do you believe the Silver Lotto System is it for real? So how does this Silver Lotto system work? Silver Lotto is composed 51 page manual or ebook, highlighting the winning formulas Ken Silver says he used to win the lottery multiple times. After about three days of reading this lotto ebook, lottery players are ready to set up and play their lottery. The system is basically just your common lottery wheeling system and when looked at, not a very good designed one at all.

Ken Silver claims to have won the lottery with his Silver Lotto System. We see he claims a 2.7 million winning lottery ticket, plus supposed other lottery winnings. We see a bunch of lottery tickets on his website, stating they are all winning tickets, yet Ken Silver does not allow a close up of the tickets, they may not even be winners and where is his 2.7 million winning lottery ticket for proof? See the photo below, this was Ken Silver’s proof of winning tickets. You cannot see them up close, so they could be losing lottery tickets and now Ken Silver has removed these tickets from his website and put some others up, still you cannot see if they are real winners, as in the second photo.

Ken Silver Fake Lottery Winning Tickets

Ken Silver Fake Lottery Winning Tickets

Ken Silver makes sure you cannot see these lottery tickets up close or you would see they are not actually winners, nasty little trick to fool people.

Ken Silver's Fake Winning Lottery Tickets

Ken Silver’s Fake Winning Lottery Tickets

We emailed Ken Silver asking about this Silver Lotto System and the basics about it. Ken Silver Replied and pressed us to buy his system as soon as possible. About three days later we emailed him again and asked why we cannot see his so called winning lottery tickets up close and where is your 2.7 million winning lottery ticket? If you can show us these we will purchase your system. Ken Silver never replied to us again. He did know we already had the system months ago and knew exactly what it is about and have tested it out thoroughly with failed winning results. 96 % win rates, ya right in your dreams, try a 1% to 2% win rate at best which is about the same as playing quick picks or just random lottery numbers.

We then checked out his many so called good testimonials and found them to be fakes. It seems that everything we checked into on this Ken Silver and his so called winning Silver Lotto System was rubbish! This man is a fraud, he did not win any big lottery games with his system and we cannot find even a single lottery winner who has won using his system. All lottery system review sites are now reporting Ken Silver as a shady marketer and should not be trusted as many complaints against him. Even rip off report sites are getting reports by people saying Ken Silver conned them, this is going back even as far as 1997 or so.

Here is the latest best winning lottery systems poll results, click on photo to enlarge, do see where Ken Silver Silver Lotto placed? His Silver Lotto did not receive a single vote, which again backs up that his system does not win the lottery at all. If the system worked as Ken Silver claims winning 8 out of every 10 lotto draws, there would have been many votes on his Silver Lotto, but there simply was not.

Official 2013 Best Winning Lotto system Results

Official Best Winning Lotto system Results

As you can see from the official poll results, the best winning lottery system 67 percent voted for as the system that won them lottery games was the awesome Lotto Guy Lottery System. Then we have as the second best winning system in the world Smart Play Lotto Wheels. The Silver Lotto System did not even come close to third place winning system, Gail Howard’s Smart Luck even has more lottery winners than Silver Lotto, so you now know that the Silver Lotto System is full of nonsense! The only good reviews on this system are by Ken Silver himself and the affiliates who promote this system trying to make sales commissions from you, hence all the B.S or articles lying about how great the system is all false!

For people who play the lottery religiously weekly with no winning results, will the Silver Lotto System offer something new and breathe some new life into
the fun of playing the lotto as Ken Silver says, absolutely NOT! Silver Lotto System is it for real? NO! All of Ken Silver’s systems are tied together and he says in the Silver Lotto ebook you really need to have them all, so buy my Silver Lotto PRO system to increase win rates, again just a ploy to grab more of your money and never fall for the guaranteed 60 day refund, many people report Ken Silver does not honor it. Also you may find that he changes his system every now and then to try to lure people in, as his old ways have been reported as very poor.


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