Ultimate Lottery Package System Honest Review

Ultimate Lottery Package system is another system stating it’s a secret system and the system was used by a secret society of 500 Big Lottery Winners. This Secret System is being sold by Billy Bridges and sells for a whopping $97 at the time of writing, then when you leave the sales page says can buy for $67. We research all lottery winnings, strategies and systems and have never heard about any secret society of big lottery winners.

The Ultimate Lottery System says “Gives You a guide to win the lottery using a secret lottery system by a secret society of big lottery winners” plus

  • Other secrets plus lottery tips that will put you ahead of 97% of the lottery players out there.
  • You get How to beat the Pick 3 lotto, Pick 4 lotto, Pick 5 lotto and Pick 6 lotto games.
  • Tells you how to play like the lottery like a real pro.
  • Tells you how to approach the big jackpot every time you play the lottery.
  • System will tell you exactly which numbers to pick.

This system has No Proof of anything it claims and some reports say it is possibly the same system as The Lottery Winning Package System by Chris Malcolm just done a little different which is a useless, just bundled package of common systems for everything from Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, to Pick 6, sounds like the same exact crap going on with the Ultimate Lottery Package. We found people who said the system is nothing to get excited over and they won nothing using it. So what you are really buying is a lot of rubbish for your money instead of real proven winning system/systems.

Secret Society Of 500 Big Lottery Winners? No! This system is sold by a marketer through clickbank, it is nothing as it is claimed to be. At $67 for the system they say guaranteed refund, try the system for 60 days if no like, just get a full refund. This again is not true! We investigated this and found many people who were refused the refund for no good reason, just a ploy to lock in your sale, if you did get a refund you would be very lucky.

We also found that many lottery system review sites were warning people about this Ultimate Lottery Package System, as it is a very suspect system! Our advise is to ONLY use real verified winning systems and they cannot be sold through places as clickbank which have affiliates promoting the system for commissions, this leads to many false reviews and lies to trick people. Real winning lottery systems do not need affiliates selling the product to earn the seller money, they actually win lottery games.

If you want real proof of lottery systems that are actually true winning systems, take a peek at the latest best winning lottery systems official poll results. Polls are for real they cannot be faked, you get the honest truth!

Official 2013 Best Winning Lotto system Results!

Official Best Winning Lotto system Results!

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Clearly the best three over-all winning lottery systems that received the high votes by real lottery winners were:

  • The Lotto Guy Lottery System (Best Winning System In The World For Pick 5, Pick 6 and Pick 7 Lotto Games)
  • Then Smart Play Lotto Wheels ( Very Effective Lottery Wheeling System With Added Special Strategy To Boost Your Odds To Win Even Further)
  • Then your third best system Smart Luck ( Just An Ok Wheeling System)

These are the true real verified real winning systems, these are not silly made-up secret systems from so-called secret societies, or Bogus Math Professors and so on. stick with winning systems, to get the very best lottery winning results. The Ultimate Lottery Package System has proved nothing it claims, has shady marketer written all over it, as do many other systems that sound like it on the market, Buyer Beware!!!


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