How To Pick Lottery Numbers To Win The Lottery Easier

To win the lottery you first must learn how to pick lottery numbers in a smarter fashion, which will help you win easier. Trying to win the lottery by using those good old lottery quick picks is fast, but in reality, this method of picking your lottery numbers is by far the worst. Lottery quick picks are just that quick and easy like fast food, but as we all know, quick and easy usually is the worst way to do things especially when it comes to picking lottery numbers to play. Other poor methods for picking your lottery numbers include using your horoscope numbers, or your lucky numbers, or just random lottery numbers. These methods all give you very poor odds at increasing your win rates, you simply must pick your lottery numbers using a smarter method, than winning success will come easier.

So if these old school methods for picking your lottery numbers are not going to help you increase your odds, then what is to be used that will actually help us win the lottery easier? The answer is “strategy” and in this case picking your lottery numbers with the use of strategy means, you need to use a good lottery system that is designed to help you pick lottery numbers in a more logical way to boost odds to win much easier. Now the question is which type of strategy or lottery system should you be using as with all things, some will obviously not be as good as others. We can advise right off the bat to stay clear of lottery software systems, as these are extremely common and have been tested over and over giving very poor results, not much better than lottery quick picks and the sad part is they are just giving you hot and cold lottery numbers straight off of main lottery game sites, which is totally free for anyone to do, no need to buy these type of systems. The better systems to use are your formula type systems or your wheeling type systems. These types of lottery systems are the ones that will increase your winning success for real.

Now as far as which formula type system we would recommend, that is a no brainer as there is only one that has shown to really increase your chances to win the lottery easier, it is the Lotto Guy Lottery System and this system actually won best winning lottery system by poll votes over many other systems. You can view the actual poll results for yourself below to see the proof, polls do not lie.

Of course you can choose to use any lottery system you wish to, using any system will be better than no system at all and that is a fact. We have put some links below to other articles that will back up what we are saying and they will show you which systems are the best to use.

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How To Pick Winning Lottery Numbers

We all want to lean how to pick winning lottery numbers, we will reveal what really works and what does not work. I will start by telling you straight out, most lottery strategies, lottery systems and lottery tips, simply do not work very well. For example, many people believe that by just using self picked random lottery numbers, their chances to win the lottery are as good as it gets. Sorry to inform you, but using random lottery numbers to try and win the lottery will get you nothing but a basket full of losing lottery tickets.

_lottery-strategies Lottery tickets cost you money, use the best possible strategy to increase your odds to win the lottery more frequently.

Lets move on to the next very common strategy, many people again think is the best way how to pick winning lottery numbers. The lucky lottery quick picks, seems like a good reasonable way to increase your chances to win lotto, again sorry to inform you, playing lottery quick picks, do not increase your odds to win very much, they are in fact basically the same as playing random lottery numbers.

Next in line for winning lottery strategies is using hot and cold lottery numbers, also called past drawn lotto numbers. Many people actually buy this strategy as a lottery system, usually claiming will boost your win rates as high as 50%, 76%, 96%, 98%, even seen some claim 100% win rates. Here is the real honest truth about these types of systems. For one, it really is not a system, just data that you generally should use in real systems. Also, these whopping sky high win rates are nothing pure lies for selling tactics, you will on average only increase you win rates with this strategy by 2% tops. This is only a slightly better strategy than using your own self picked numbers or lottery quick picks and here the real secret about this strategy, it’s all free online at lottery statistic websites, the same place the system (usually a software system) feed the information to you for a cost.

The best types of real winning systems will never claim to give huge win rates, as that would be a false hood and a big red flag telling you it will most likely be a useless system. Also why would a real winning lottery system be sold through places that have bad reputations and or affiliates that can promote and sell it for commissions. Real winning lottery systems will not bother with this style of selling, just systems that are fake, or made up by sneaky marketers do this sort of thing. Oh the system will sound great, even to great and once again just all selling tactics or hype to grab your attention and your money. These types of system do not win lottery games, they make their money by sales only!

What about lottery syndicates? Sounds like a good way to increase your chances to win lotto right? Yes, a syndicate could help you win, but as seen many times over and over with syndicates, they seem to pay you the small winning ok, but the larger winnings are hard to get from them, as they do not want to release it, as it is in their hands. Many syndicates are found out later as frauds, so very hard to trust. We feel it’s much better if you play your own lottery tickets as you are in control if you win and you do not have to share your winnings with many others as in a syndicate.

The fact is, you do need a lottery system or lotto strategy that has been proven by real lottery winners to increase your odds to win, accept no others! So the next step is to find a real winning lottery system and just forget about testimonials, these are as commonly faked as it gets. What we have here as sold proof of real winning lottery systems is an official best winning lottery system poll vote results. You simply cannot fake a poll it a code and gives you a real evaluation on what systems people are using and winning with.

Official 2013 Best Winning Lotto system Results!

Official Best Winning Lotto system Results!

What you want to use is the top voted on systems, this is how to pick winning lottery numbers, by systems real lottery winners recommend and not by false testimonials, or false hyped-up advertising.

Top ranked winning system Lotto Guy Lottery System

Second place winning system Smart Play Lotto Wheels

Then of course you have your third place winner Smart Luck if need or wanting another system to try or add. Just pick a system and stick with it. No system is going to make you win immediately, it takes a bit of time. Systems or strategies are only really a tool to increase your odds, not to guarantee you will win the lottery. Any system that states will give very high win rates or guarantees you will win, is pulling your leg all the way to the bank.

Lotto Guy Lottery System Proven Winning Formula

Lotto Guy Lottery System Hot Winning Formula

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