How To Win Lotto Successful Strategies

We will reveal to you how to win lotto successful strategies real lottery winners use. Playing lottery games does take some strategy, if you are looking for real winning results. Do you remember when the last time you hit even a three winning lottery numbers winner? How long ago was it, a month, a year? I bet you anything, your strategy of choice playing the lottery is either lottery quick pick tickets, or some type of random lotto numbers. Don’t get frustrated, almost 80% of all people who play lotto play in this manner and that my friends is why they never have an real lottery winning success.

We interviewed random people at a busy shopping mall asking how often they won anything playing the lottery, we could not find even one person who has won over $10 in a four month period playing the lottery. We asked people online if they think using a lottery system is worth while, most said systems do not work. We asked which systems have you tried and found out that every lottery system these people had tried and reported as failed winning systems, were all lotto software systems that gave past drawn lotto numbers (hot and cold lotto numbers) also called lotto software systems. We know that these lotto software systems are money making gimmicks and are not real lottery systems, just lottery data you can use with a real verified lotto winning systems, which is also the same data given free that anyone can access on main lotto game websites, so all of this made perfect sense.

So what lotto winning strategies or real lottery systems should you be using to improve your chances for winning the lotto, for real winning success? Data analysis systems that take the data five steps deep (not past drawn lotto numbers) are truly superior and there is ONLY one reputable winning system that falls into this category, it’s the Lotto Guy Lottery System, which is now known as a kick ass lottery system after winning worlds best winning system in two separate best lottery systems to use polls.

Then we have another lotto strategy far different than the data lotto analysis system as Lotto Guy, but has proven to be a very successful winning system, we call them lottery wheeling systems. Many lottery winners owe their frequent lotto winnings and big jackpot wins to using a wheeling system. The catch with wheeling systems as there are many poorly designed systems vs the very good designed systems, is to actually find a good winning wheeling system. The top rated lottery wheeling system that has the best lottery game win track record is Smart Play Lotto Wheels.

You could try every lottery system on the market, which would cost you a fortune trying to find a good one or use the recommended systems real lottery winners use as Lotto Guy Lottery System and Smart Play Lotto Wheels, heck you can even use these two winning system together to increase your lotto odds to win even further. See the latest best winning system official poll below (click photo to enlarge).

Official 2013 Best Winning Lotto system Results!

Official Best Winning Lotto System Poll Results!

See the two top winning systems that received the most votes! That is your biggest clue as to which systems really work and you should be using. Never fall for fake or phony systems full of false advertising and nonsense, use real verified reputable winning lottery systems, receive real lottery winning success! These are the two hottest systems period! Both are not sold by marketers, but real lottery experts and affiliates are not able to sell these systems, as they are not gimmicks like most other systems. There are a few other god systems as well, but these are the top two.

You now know how to win lotto easier and which lotto successful strategies you should Be using, if you are going to be gambling, you should at least gamble smarter to win easier. Good Luck to you and Win Big!


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