Beat The Lotto Official Review

Here is our Beat The Lotto Official Review as many people desire to know more about this lottery system, does it really Beat The Lotto? Let’s take a look at this lottery system that says can beat any lottery game. First off there is no way any lottery system can beat every lottery game, so that raises a red flag right off the bat! When looking at he system that is supposed developed by a mathematician Donald Hunting, we see that is is not really any kind of a special system. Beat The Lotto is nothing more than very common lotto software that interprets past lottery number results and uses hot, cold and due lotto numbers in the wheels, which have been proven by many as useless in predicting future winning lottery results.

Don Hunting who apparently holds several jobs despite his claim of winning millions with this lotto software, does not even show a shred of real proof that his Beat The Lotto system won him any lottery winnings. Also why do all lottery system review site report the system win nothing! There are just way to many people that are reporting this system as totally useless and we ourselves see evidence of false advertising which again shows the system is simply not legit.

Do you want to see real proof of what real users of the system rate it? Just look at he latest 2013 best winning lotto system poll below (click to open larger).

Official 2013 Best Winning Lotto system Results!

Official Best Winning Lotto system Results!

Look at where the Beat The Lotto System placed. No one voted for this system and it’s been around since 2004, so no lottery winners have used this system. This is solid proof the system is not winning lotteries and never will. Look at the systems that placed first and second in the poll Lotto Guy System and Smart Play Lotto Wheels System, these are systems that real lottery winners are using and getting good lottery winning success with, they are the lotto systems that really Beat The Lotto!

Sorry but there are more than a few silly useless lottery systems all claiming to be created by Mathematicians or MIT Professors and they all SUCK! These types of silly systems are just gimmicks to make the sell money, they do not win the lotto. You see the real winning systems that rank high in the lottery poll, these systems are for real! Put these legit verified winning systems up against systems full of nonsense as Beat The Lotto and see what happens. The real systems will kick the crap out of any of these fake or false hyped-up systems and that my friends is the REAL TRUTH!

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