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We have been receiving a lot of questions asking about the Lottery Circle System Software by Ace Lee, Is this a good lottery software system to use? Does the Lottery Circle System work as advertised giving a 96% win rate? Where else can I see some reviews by real users or non affiliate reviews of the software system? What other lottery system is good that you can highly recommend?

These questions I will answer in order. The Lottery Circle System is basically a past drawn number lottery software system. It will give you the Hot and Cold numbers for whatever lottery game you play, as an example it will do this for Florida Lotto, Powerball, Mega Million, Texas Lotto, OZ Lotto, Australian 6/45, Lotto 649, UK Thunderball Lotto, UK Lotto, California Lottery, South African Lotto, and so on.

This is all fine, but the thing is you can get the exact same information this lottery circle system provides for free! Just find your lottery game online as this is the same place the Lottery Circle System obtains their information and look at the past five to ten lottery draws and pick out the numbers that come up a lot, these will be your Hot numbers and the numbers that do not come up as much, are your cold numbers, it’s that easy. The other bad thing about using this type of method, is it has been thoroughly proven to only increase your win rate by a few percent, not a ridiculous 96% as Ace Lee claims, which is seriously false advertising or your basic hype. This is a good sign the seller is misleading you.

I have just answered the first two questions, now on to the third question. If you search the Internet for hours you will find lots of bad reviews on this Lottery Circle System by real users of the system. There are also many good Lottery Circle System reviews, but most of them are totally false reviews written by affiliates, as the lottery system is sold through Click Bank. Please also note the 60 Day Refund is not honored in many cases for lottery systems/gambling products and is used as a lure to trick people, remember Ace Lee is a marketer and many marketers are down right sneaky.

I will show you some solid proof what real users think about this Lottery Circle Software. Just take a peek at the latest lottery systems that work poll votes, then you can decide for yourself if the system should be used or not.

As you can see for yourself the Lottery Circle System did not receive many votes, no users won using that particular system, this should tell you a lot!

The ONLY lottery systems we recommend are system that have been verified tested and proven to give you real lottery winning results. The first system we recommend is the Lotto Guy Lottery System which is currently the best winning lottery system in the world! Next in line would be a top lottery wheeling system Smart Play Lotto Wheels, which also has an excellent lottery winning track record world-wide and is very easy to use.


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