Ultimate Lottery Package System Honest Review

Ultimate Lottery Package system is another system stating it’s a secret system and the system was used by a secret society of 500 Big Lottery Winners. This Secret System is being sold by Billy Bridges and sells for a whopping $97 at the time of writing, then when you leave the sales page says can buy for $67. We research all lottery winnings, strategies and systems and have never heard about any secret society of big lottery winners.

The Ultimate Lottery System says “Gives You a guide to win the lottery using a secret lottery system by a secret society of big lottery winners” plus

  • Other secrets plus lottery tips that will put you ahead of 97% of the lottery players out there.
  • You get How to beat the Pick 3 lotto, Pick 4 lotto, Pick 5 lotto and Pick 6 lotto games.
  • Tells you how to play like the lottery like a real pro.
  • Tells you how to approach the big jackpot every time you play the lottery.
  • System will tell you exactly which numbers to pick.

This system has No Proof of anything it claims and some reports say it is possibly the same system as The Lottery Winning Package System by Chris Malcolm just done a little different which is a useless, just bundled package of common systems for everything from Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, to Pick 6, sounds like the same exact crap going on with the Ultimate Lottery Package. We found people who said the system is nothing to get excited over and they won nothing using it. So what you are really buying is a lot of rubbish for your money instead of real proven winning system/systems.

Secret Society Of 500 Big Lottery Winners? No! This system is sold by a marketer through clickbank, it is nothing as it is claimed to be. At $67 for the system they say guaranteed refund, try the system for 60 days if no like, just get a full refund. This again is not true! We investigated this and found many people who were refused the refund for no good reason, just a ploy to lock in your sale, if you did get a refund you would be very lucky.

We also found that many lottery system review sites were warning people about this Ultimate Lottery Package System, as it is a very suspect system! Our advise is to ONLY use real verified winning systems and they cannot be sold through places as clickbank which have affiliates promoting the system for commissions, this leads to many false reviews and lies to trick people. Real winning lottery systems do not need affiliates selling the product to earn the seller money, they actually win lottery games.

If you want real proof of lottery systems that are actually true winning systems, take a peek at the latest best winning lottery systems official poll results. Polls are for real they cannot be faked, you get the honest truth!

Official 2013 Best Winning Lotto system Results!

Official Best Winning Lotto system Results!

(Click Poll  Above To Open Larger)

Clearly the best three over-all winning lottery systems that received the high votes by real lottery winners were:

  • The Lotto Guy Lottery System (Best Winning System In The World For Pick 5, Pick 6 and Pick 7 Lotto Games)
  • Then Smart Play Lotto Wheels ( Very Effective Lottery Wheeling System With Added Special Strategy To Boost Your Odds To Win Even Further)
  • Then your third best system Smart Luck ( Just An Ok Wheeling System)

These are the true real verified real winning systems, these are not silly made-up secret systems from so-called secret societies, or Bogus Math Professors and so on. stick with winning systems, to get the very best lottery winning results. The Ultimate Lottery Package System has proved nothing it claims, has shady marketer written all over it, as do many other systems that sound like it on the market, Buyer Beware!!!


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Lottery Crusher Software Exposed!

Here is are review of the Lottery Crusher Software Exposed as requested by many to reveal the Truth! The claim is that the Lottery Crusher Software was created and designed to beat the lotto odds and the developers of the system say that all it takes are a couple of mouse clicks to win as the software will do everything automatically and you will be a big lottery winner.

I want to point out that it used to say on their website Lottery Crusher System Will give you a 100% win rate, now they have removed it as many have reported their advertised win rate as seriously false. There is no way a lottery system will ever give you a 100% win rate and any system that does or has stated in the past such a ridiculous win rate, is obviously fake. These types of claims are fraud and because these guys actually saying their Lottery Crusher Software is turning lottery players into guaranteed winners without a single piece of solid proof! You again know it is a silly useless system like so many other lottery software systems on the market.

Also in their terms of service section they basically deny everything published on their website and that they guarantee nothing. So again they first guarantee big unrealistic win rates, was stated as high as 100%, then they now say in the fine print, they guarantee nothing. Put all this a side and listen to this! The Lottery Crusher System is nothing special at all, just very common past drawn lotto number software, which is sold everywhere and these types of systems all work about the same, only giving you about a 2% win rate at best and all the data is taken right off of main lottery game website which is all free for anyone to access, so do not be fooled!

We have also read many complaints on this lottery software system, ranging from guaranteed refunds not being honoured, to the system does not work even close to what is advertised or suggested. All lottery review sites give this Lottery Crusher System two thumbs down, there are much better real lottery systems out there you should be using. Look at the best winning lotto system program by real poll results below, you will see which systems people voted on that really won them lottery cash prizes.

Official 2013 Best Winning Lotto system Results!

Official Best Winning Lotto system Results!

Click photo to enlarge and you will see that the best winning system was not the Lottery Crusher Software System, but a real verified winning lottery system Lotto Guy Lottery System. If the Lottery Crusher System worked as good as the creators of the system claimed, it would have won correct? In fact the Lottery Crusher System did not even rank in third place, it did not receive a single vote, so not one person used and won the lottery with it, our Lottery Crusher Software Review reveals the truth, enough said!

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Win Lottery Easier Using Common Sense

To win lottery easier do not follow the usual playing methods, use common sense and play smarter. As with most people who play the lottery, they do not want to put in much effort, yet want to win the lottery. As with anything else, the more you put in is how much you usually get out of the deal. Simply buying a few lottery tickets weekly is not going to cut it, you need to play smarter and use common sense. Common sense tells us that in order to win lottery easier, we much improve our odds to win.

The most beneficial and common sense method to play the lottery to win easier is to use a strategy, or what we call a lottery system. They is no better way at improving your odds to win lottery easier than using a well proven and well tested lottery system. If you do not agree, go ahead and do a test for yourself. Use your regular lottery quick picks for 6 months, then use a good lottery system for 6 months, see which method gives you more wins. Every person who has done this test finds out the truth, using a lottery system wins much more as it improves your chances to win, just fact!

If you are ready to start play the lottery using common sense, then it’s time to pick out a good lottery system and just stick with it and focus on playing one lotto game at a time. We could just tell you right now the system or systems we highly recommend you to use, but that would be just our opinion right? So it is better if we show you real proof of which lottery systems real users voted on that actually gave them the best winning success, then all you need to do is use one of them. Polls tell you the truth, there is no tricking you as in using false testimonials, which by the way many lottery systems do to make their system look good, but in reality they are the worst to use for winning any lottery game.

This poll is seriously helpful as it shows real the lottery systems users actually had good success using and poor success using. Post this article on your facebook or other so you can show people the real truth of what they need to use to better their chances at winning the lottery easier and more often.

We do recommend using either one of the top winning systems Lotto Guy Lottery System and Smart Play Lotto Wheels System. Both will definitely help improve your winning success and is the smart way to win lottery easier.


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Formula 1 Lotto System User Review

This is a real Formula 1 Lotto System user review as we did acquire this lotto software system and we did put it to the test. Yes, the Formula 1 Lotto system is in a software form, but is nothing special, just basically same as most other lottery software systems. Although very amusing, there is no way in the world this lottery system was developed by an MIT professor which took him a claimed 9 years to develop. What is even more amusing is, that the sales website for the Formula 1 Lotto System used to say it took Glen Hooke MIT professor 27 years to develop. I guess this so-called professor could not remember correctly, Oh wait I forgot to mention, this is just a fake scenario used to sell the product.

We knew right off the start the Formula 1 Lotto was not a legit winning system, but wanted to test it out to see what kind of results we would obtain anyways. This is yet another system that guarantees you will win 8.7 times out of every 10 lotto draws, we knew this to be un-true, just another way to lure people in to purchase the system. We put this very common type system to the test for two months playing 2 lotto draws per week and playing 20 lottery tickets per lotto draw. The end results was not very impressive to say the least. We only hit in the two month period one 3 number winner which paid a whopping total of $10. We spent a lot and lost big on a system that Guaranteed! Winnings of 8 out of every 10 lottery draws, which did not even come close to happening. So here is what we did next. We kept all of are losing lottery tickets and sent in a request for refund and said will show proof system failed. It clearly states money back guarantee, but guess what happened No Refund! Not a single penny refunded.

We knew this was a con job right from the start, but wanted real proof. Now we have the real proof the system is a total fake, even the testimonials are completely fake. We also were refused a guaranteed refund even along with proof of the losing lottery tickets, we wonder how many people fell for this joke of a system and lost their money. We have sent in a complaint to click bank which was ignored, so now we have sent in a complaint against the Formula 1 Lotto System and click bank to the FTC! we will see that this nonsense of fake lottery systems stops!

Now you still want to play the lottery, so you need the proper winning systems that real lottery winners are using correct? Here is the real proof we can show you on which systems people voted on as having won lottery games for them. See the poll results below.

Official 2013 Best Winning Lotto system Results!

Official Best Winning Lotto system Results!

There is no question which system is real and winning lottery games, it’s the Lotto Guy Lottery System by a long-shot. Then we have Smart Play Lotto Wheels System, then Gail Howard’s. These are the best out there and we recommend strongly to start with the Lotto Guy Lottery System or the Smart Play Lotto Wheels System as we know these systems are for real! The Formula 1 Lotto system is not a legit real winning system so it’s history, say goodbye!

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Lottery Checkmate System Official Review

Here is our Lottery Checkmate System official review, giving you the honest truth if the system is worth using to win lotto or not!  Lottery Checkmate System was developed by Sergey Tabin a Russian chess player. Sergey Tabin says he was searching for a way to win the lottery and due to his research, he has now created the Lottery Checkmate system that will work to win all pick 5, 6 and pick 7 lottery games and will sell it to you for $29.70 at the time of writing this review.

This Russian chess player also claims he wins playing the lotto using his own system $4500 to $15000 per month. This all sounds very nice, but when we did our investigation into this lottery system we find many problems and concerns. Why do all the top lottery system review sites report the system is a joke! If there were people actually winning with the system the review sites would report it. We ourselves cannot find a single person who has used and won with this system. Also if Sergey Tabin is actually winning $4500 – $15000 monthly with his system then why no proof! He would have many winning lottery tickets correct! We emailed Sergey Tabin to ask why he has not shown any proof and to view some of his winning lottery tickets and as usual with these silly hyped-up systems we got No Reply!

Remember Sergey Tabin stated he researched to create his Lottery Checkmate system. Where did he research? He researched very common lottery strategies right off the Internet and called Lottery Checkmate. All this system actually gives you is old school winning lotto techniques, which have all been proven over and over to only help your odds to win lotto by a few percent. This is what 90% of these lottery systems are all containing, just useless crap strategies copied right off the Internet, all not worth using that’s why they are free.

Look at the latest best winning lottery system poll results below (click to enlarge). Do you see where the Lottery Checkmate system placed? Not very good for a supposed system winning $4500 – $15000 monthly right!

Official 2013 Best Winning Lotto system Results!

Official Best Winning Lotto system Results!

The fact is, the Lottery Checkmate system is just another bogus lottery system thrown together and given a catchy name and some false advertising to attract people to buy it. It wins Nothing, No Real Winners Using This System At All. As you can plainly see the best winning system many people voted for as won them lottery cash prizes was the Lotto Guy Lottery System. This Lotto Guy System has been proven and verified as a real winning lottery system world-wide and was developed by real techs using real analysis/data that’s why it works! Systems as Lottery Checkmate are created by marketers looking to make fast cash from you! They have no analysis, no data, no lottery pattern analysis what so ever and it shows up in strict anti-cheat polls that give solid proof as to what system or systems are really winning the lottery.

Lottery Checkmate System

Our official Lottery Checkmate review shows that when a silly made up system goes head to head, with a real verified proven winning lotto system such as Lotto Guy System, it will lose every time, Check-Mate!

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Lottery Audit Software Review Good Or Bad

Is the Lottery Audit software system a good or bad lottery program to use? Many people are asking this question and we will give you the truth about this lottery software system. The truth is, all lottery software systems are basically the same, they will give you about the same win rates as most all get there data from the same free sources online, so really the Lottery Audit software system is just selling you free lotto data as past winning numbers and over-due lotto numbers.

Lottery Audit Software is a lottery subscription service for online lottery analysis software. It offers a variety of analysis methods, all via an web based software and joining a subscription service is not recommended as people report getting billed over and over again after there subscription runs out. This has been reported by lottery system review sites and they also warn you that there are no real winners they can find who have won using this lotto software. The Lottery Audit website used to claim the system will give you a whopping 353% increased win rate, now taken off as the system really can only realistically give you about a 2% win rate or so, caught in false advertising. Remember all the data this lotto software system supplies to you is free for all at lottery statistic websites, so not really even a lottery system, just information that can be used with a real lottery systems.

Look at the latest best winning lottery system poll results, the Lottery Audit system only received a very small 2% of the votes, this is the best Lottery Audit Software Review as shows the real truth. If the system was really as good as it claims there would be many more winners who used and voted for the system. We suspect only the creators of the system which are just marketers may have voted on their own system. See official poll results below ( click to enlarge).

Official 2013 Best Winning Lotto system Results!

Official Best Winning Lotto system Results!

As you can see by the poll results the Lottery Audit software system placed very poorly indeed. To buy a subscription to this lottery Audit is not cheap and only works about as good as picking your own random lottery numbers.

We also tested the Lottery Audit system for 45 days to to verify the system if it really works, or does not work as good as claimed. They gave us a 30 day trial after which we bought a 3 month membership. After the 3 months of using the system the best we could do is 3 three lottery numbers winners. This cost us $240 to play the full three months and only won back $30 so really the system worked very poorly, we absolutely do not recommend this lottery software, it’s nonsense and full of hype, no found real winners! Also do not be fooled about the 60 day guaranteed refund, you will most likely never receive it. When you ask for a refund as many report, ClickBank tells you to get the refund from the seller, well good luck with that. Not long after this review Lottery Audit was banned from selling through clickbank.

As you see by the official lottery poll results the Lottery Audit system is ranked very low as it does not work as advertised. The best winning system in the world is the Lotto Guy Lottery System, which also won last years best winning system. This makes sense as this excellent real verified system is not developed by marketers, but real lotto experts and techs, it is a very unique highly recommended system. The next best winning true lottery system is Smart Play Lotto Wheels. This system is a favorite of many who use it as it is very easy to use and highly effective at hitting winning lotto number combinations.

You now know the real truth about the Lottery Audit Software this is a real Lottery Audit Software Review we tell you the truth what it can or cannot do for you. To win the lottery you MUST only use real winning lotto systems if you are to receive real lotto winning success! The choice is really up to you!

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Lottery Winning Formula Product Review

Lottery Winning Formula looks like an easy to use lottery winning software website that supposedly analyzes the data from past lottery results. This system is supposed to give you an expert insight on the lottery numbers that are most likely to win. It claims to uses a well researched Lottery Winning Formula that guarantees to increase your odds in any kind of lottery you play. Since Lottery Winning Formula uses the same data from the lottery you are joining, the system delivers more accurate results than other lottery software program on the market. Well the fact is you can just go to your lottery game website and get exact same numbers completely free, so how is this a great lottery system? It’s not, that’s the whole point.

If are play the lottery on a frequent or regular basis, then you know the odds of winning the Mega Millions or Powerball lottery games and the chance of picking all 6 of the winning numbers is 175,711,536 to 1. The odds of picking just three lotto winning numbers is 306 to 1. This means that if you play once a week for five and a half years you may hit one three lottery numbers winner. This is without a  proven lottery system. If you a have a proven winning lottery program by your side, your chances will greatly increase, but I’m sorry to tell you the Lottery Winning Formula is not one of those proven winning systems.

The Lottery Winning Formula is exactly like all and I do mean all lottery software systems. All the data or past lottery results they give you is actually free for all online at official lottery statistic websites for your lotto game. You do NOT need to pay for this information and it really is just information, not a true lottery system. The Lottery Winning Formula charges $30 per month for it’s cheapest membership cost to give you the exact same lottery numbers you could look up in 5 minutes or so! Also using lotto software systems or past drawn lottery number data, has thoroughly been tested over and over again and will only give you about a 2% increased win rate at best, which is just slightly higher than using random lottery numbers.

The creators of the Lottery Winning Formula say they are lottery experts, this is pure rubbish, they get the lottery numbers to give to you free off of lottery statistic websites, how is that being an expert? All just B.S to hype-up a very common virtually useless lotto software program. We ourselves purchased the one month membership to see what kind of winning results the Lottery Winning Formula software would give us. At the end of the one month period of using the lotto software, we hit only one 3 number winner, but this cost use well over $100 to win, so we were in the hole $90 plus the cost of the software membership. The Lottery Winning Formula states has a 60 day full refund, so we asked for the refund and ClickBank told us we would have to get it from the seller, which we tried over and over, but still NO REFUND! We were suckered just like so many others.

If you check the reputable lottery system review sites, you will see they all recommend you stay clear of the Lottery Winning Formula, as many report the system wins nothing, no refunds, etc. We totally agree! The Lottery Winning Formula Software SUCKS! We cannot find a single lottery winner who has used this system. As a matter of fact, we found out most people who tried this lotto software, actually did better using their own random lottery numbers. We would also like to point out, almost every good review on this Lottery Winning Formula system, is a fake review written by the sellers or affiliates promoting the system to get sales, very nasty!

So what lottery systems do we recommend? We recommend the two top winning systems the world over, Lotto Guy Lottery System and Smart Play Lotto Wheels. These real winning lotto systems kick lottery ass! They are not created by marketers as the sellers of the Lottery Winning Formula and most other lottery systems, no they are developed by real legit lottery experts, hence why so many lottery winner use and recommend these two superior systems.

You MUST stop trying to predict the lottery using simple blind luck or silly lottery systems that are only money making gimmicks. Instead learn how to win the lottery using verified proven lottery systems that will greatly increase your chances of winning the lottery. Using the lottery winning formula will not win the lottery, it really is a Lottery Losing Formula!

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How To Win The Lottery Secrets

How to win the lottery secrets is going to reveal winning lottery tips and strategies that real lottery winners used to win the lottery. Are you a person who plays the lottery yet seems to never win a single lottery draw? You are not alone as there are literally thousands if not millions of people in the same boat. They think they have the luck to win the lottery, which is good, but luck is only a small part of actually winning the lottery, this is revealed by the many true lottery winners, who have figured out what it really takes to be a lottery winner.

We began our research into this area by researching lottery winners all over the world. Let me tell you this takes months of serious research, must dig back many years to find the information needed. It has all paid off as we found the secrets that many lottery winners have in common. I can tell you these lottery tips are for real and you definitely should apply them.

  • Always play as many lottery tickets as you can afford. The more lottery tickets the better your odds are to win.
  • Always use a good winning lottery system. The key to best over-all increased lottery winnings is the strategy you use. The better the strategy or lottery system, the better your success will generally be.
  • When using a lottery system or what we call strategy, avoid the very common past drawn lottery numbers systems, which all come in a software format. These types of systems are made to sound great, but in reality they hardly ever give you better than a two percent increased win rate, just slightly better than using random lottery numbers.
  • When playing a particular lottery game, stick with that game only and play consistently, meaning play every draw. Most lottery winners follow this practice and recommend it for best success.

Most people loose big time playing the lottery, yet they never sit back and think about how they can improve their chances to win. If more people actually thought about changing their lottery playing strategy and started to use a lottery system and used some simple lottery tips, winnings would come much easier. You do realize lottery systems are just basically a special designed tool to help improve your odds to win more frequently. You could pound in a nail into a piece of wood with your fist, but if you use a better tool like a hammer, it would work much better correct? The hammer in this case is your lottery system, it really is a smarter way to help win the lottery.

These lottery winning tips are basic recommendations from a large percentage of real life lottery winners worldwide. To locate the best winning lottery systems or strategies you should be using, you can find them on top reputable sites as Lottery Systems Reviews.


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Lottery Dominator System Review

Here is our review on a lottery system called Lottery Dominator System which will give you the truth on this none winning system. The Lottery Dominator System states “Say Bye To Your Losing Lottery Tickets… You’re About To Be Exposed to the ONLY True Winning Lottery System Out There” Wow! That is a very big statement, sorry but this statement is simply not true as this Lottery Dominator System has very poor reviews by real users that have tested it out and the system simply failed to produce any winning lottery results. There are No Winners who have won with this Lottery Dominator system Period! It just a catchy name with a high price tag and a lot of false advertising hype.

We are not like the silly review sites that state known useless lottery systems such as the Lottery Dominator are working great, when they simply are NOT! Those review sites are actually affiliate sellers, also selling the system so of course the feed you B.S. We do not do shady stuff, here, we tell you the Honest Truth! Most lottery system reviews you read on systems such as the Lottery Dominator are written by the many affiliates selling the system for commission and yes they most certainly will lie to you to get a sale. If we had found even one lottery winner who won with this silly system, it would have been a miracle. We can also show you real proof that this particular lottery system does not work well, just take a look at the latest best winning lottery system poll. The first poll shows the Lottery Dominator System received almost no votes for winning lottery games by real users. If it really worked so great, there would have been many more users voting for that system. Now on the second and latest poll results, the Lottery Dominator System was not even put in as was posted on many review sites as a false winning system.


You cannot believe any testimonials today as most lottery system sellers testimonials are completely fake. You also cannot believe any lottery system reviews written by an affiliate selling the system, which just makes sense. If any link takes you to a ClickBank sales page on a review about any lottery system, it is an affiliate selling the system for commision. If a true lottery system actually wins lottery games, there simply would be no need to have affiliates selling it, this is only a sign of a system that is full of nonsense and the proof shows exactly that for the Lottery Dominator System.

So where are all the good lottery systems as 90% of them are sold through ClickBank by affiliates? Well, you must dig deep and investigate tons of systems to find the ones that actually do win lotteries, which is very time consuming, or look at the poll results as polls do not mislead you. To save you the time and the trouble, we will list the two best reported lottery systems that actually win lottery games world-wide. We will not go into detail on these systems as we have many other articles on them, just trust us, these are the best.

The Lotto Guy Lottery System is our first top rated system and did win two lottery system polls taking first place as best winning system over many other so-called great systems including the Lottery Dominater System. You cannot fake polls, this is solid proof the system wins lottery games.

Our next top rated lottery system is Smart Play Lotto Wheels, a very effective and easy to use lottery wheeling system that has had great reviews and did very well in the polls. All wheeling systems are not the same, each is designed differently, most are garbage and will never win the lottery. The Smart Play System only gives you wheels that have won lottery jackpots, and is designed to hit the smaller winning lottery numbers like magic, it’ a seriously good system, great for newbies playing the lottery.

To sum things up, stay clear of the silly nonsense lotto systems, they will only drain your pockets of your cash. Play smarter by using a top rated lottery system that has been tested and proven to give winning results, your success rate for hitting winning lottery numbers will be much more successful!


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Lottery Circle System Software

We have been receiving a lot of questions asking about the Lottery Circle System Software by Ace Lee, Is this a good lottery software system to use? Does the Lottery Circle System work as advertised giving a 96% win rate? Where else can I see some reviews by real users or non affiliate reviews of the software system? What other lottery system is good that you can highly recommend?

These questions I will answer in order. The Lottery Circle System is basically a past drawn number lottery software system. It will give you the Hot and Cold numbers for whatever lottery game you play, as an example it will do this for Florida Lotto, Powerball, Mega Million, Texas Lotto, OZ Lotto, Australian 6/45, Lotto 649, UK Thunderball Lotto, UK Lotto, California Lottery, South African Lotto, and so on.

This is all fine, but the thing is you can get the exact same information this lottery circle system provides for free! Just find your lottery game online as this is the same place the Lottery Circle System obtains their information and look at the past five to ten lottery draws and pick out the numbers that come up a lot, these will be your Hot numbers and the numbers that do not come up as much, are your cold numbers, it’s that easy. The other bad thing about using this type of method, is it has been thoroughly proven to only increase your win rate by a few percent, not a ridiculous 96% as Ace Lee claims, which is seriously false advertising or your basic hype. This is a good sign the seller is misleading you.

I have just answered the first two questions, now on to the third question. If you search the Internet for hours you will find lots of bad reviews on this Lottery Circle System by real users of the system. There are also many good Lottery Circle System reviews, but most of them are totally false reviews written by affiliates, as the lottery system is sold through Click Bank. Please also note the 60 Day Refund is not honored in many cases for lottery systems/gambling products and is used as a lure to trick people, remember Ace Lee is a marketer and many marketers are down right sneaky.

I will show you some solid proof what real users think about this Lottery Circle Software. Just take a peek at the latest lottery systems that work poll votes, then you can decide for yourself if the system should be used or not.

As you can see for yourself the Lottery Circle System did not receive many votes, no users won using that particular system, this should tell you a lot!

The ONLY lottery systems we recommend are system that have been verified tested and proven to give you real lottery winning results. The first system we recommend is the Lotto Guy Lottery System which is currently the best winning lottery system in the world! Next in line would be a top lottery wheeling system Smart Play Lotto Wheels, which also has an excellent lottery winning track record world-wide and is very easy to use.


Lotto Guy Lottery System Formula Works 

Lotto Guy Lottery System Download

Smart Play Proven Winning Lotto Wheels